The Church Coalition, Inc.

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Office Hours: Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

TCC helps churches gain access to the cash they need to achieve their mission.

Church Unsecured Credit Lines buy land, equipment, renovation & more.

Churches of any size can be helped to obtain loans for anything! No collateral-No Financial Statements…. All we need is someone walking in Proverbs 22:1 or one who has a strong credit profile. (Credit is part of this, but not all.). We can help you obtain  $25k plus FAST. (Loans go as high as $150k.)

Here are just a few ways you can use this loan:

  1. Purchase land-WOW! (Most banks won’t touch this one)    
  2. Audio & video equipment
  3. Minor renovations (bathrooms & parking lots)
  4. Down payment or cash balance to obtain a  mortgage loan(we provide)
  5. Pay off payroll taxes (IRS or State)
  6. Purchase Computer systems
  7. Marketing for church (website, Fan pages, training, consultation etc.)
  8. Consultants to obtain 501c3 status for Grants & other funding
  9. Payoff higher rate debts
  10. Vehicle purchase
  11. Mission Trip
  12. Buying a business
  13. Hire staff member to grow church
  14. Upfront fees to host or attend conference
  15. Create an emergency of opportunity fund
  16.  Buy real estate at a discount
  17. Creation of products (music DVD & books)

The money can be used for any purpose!

Call The Church Coalition 336.272 7373 or CLICK HERE for a free consultation



Please take a moment to contact TCC and discuss your church’s specific financial needs. We have decades of experience and relationships with church lenders. We can help you.

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