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About TCC

William & Joy Thompson are the owners of The Church Coalition (TCC) and have 3 decades’ experience in bringing monetary increase to Churches, Pastors & Religious Leaders, Believers and Businesses. Our calling at The Church Coalition is to utilize Bible-based concepts to help faith-based organizations and individuals experience greater financial providence that will lead to greater service to their members and communities.

On a daily basis we are doing ministry in businesses and churches, so we understand what’s required to succeed.

In working with the late Bishop Otis Lockett Sr., we’ve learned from the inside how to plant and grow churches. We’ve done it over 30 times with him and his son.

We have seen countless times over the years, where working closely with Spirit-filled churches and individuals has advanced God’s Kingdom and made a tangible difference in the lives of the people they’ve touched.

We have a talented, dedicated, motivated team of financial experts at The Church Coalition, who are here to help, teach and mentor you or your community of faith.

We offer a wide range of financial services for churches, pastors, believers and businesses.

Services provided by The Church Coalition are customized for each client and can include —

  • Church Loans & Unsecured Lines of Credit
  • Church Leadership & Pastoral Consulting, Coaching & Mentoring
  • Advanced Church Budgeting Programs
  • Membership & Offering Growth Strategies
  • Tax Preparation Services & Strategies
  • Church Tax Law
  • Ministry Outreach Strategies & Tactics
  • Church Plants & Start Up Implementation Services
  • Accounting, Compliance & Cash Flow (ACC) For Churches & Businesses
  • Cash Flow Strategies for Churches & Individuals
  • Financial Planning & Tax Structure Strategies For Pastors
  • Wealth Building Basics For Pastors & Individuals
  • Financial Problem Solving

. . . and so much more!

TCC Services Of Note

How May We Serve You?

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