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So… you are ready to start a new business to expand the Kingdom of God.

Great! Let The Church Coalition help you start it right. So many businesses either fail in the first few years or never reach profitability, because they never take the time to create a Bible-based Strategic Plan. The Church Coalition can help you start your business, every step of the way.

We have assisted approximately 50 businesses to start from the ground up.  We have a lot of first-hand experience and know from the inside out, how to do it right. We provide hands-on assistance and offer automated learning and in-depth resources through Cash Flow U, our innovative learning system.

Cash Flow U has two specific courses we train from… How To Start A Business and How To Build A Business.

Learn practical strategies including:

1. Creating a simplified business that you can follow
2. Selecting the best tax entity
3. Creating an IRS approved Accounting system
4. Enhancing cash flow
5. Managing your life to better manage your business
6. Obtaining funding

…and more.

At The Church Coalition, we are called to help others experience financial increase, including through the creation of new businesses.  How may we help you? Please contact TCC at 336-272-7373,, or by filling out our online form.

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