The Church Coalition, Inc.

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We work closely with lenders who specialize in Church Loans.

The Church Coalition has access to lenders who are looking to make church loans to qualified churches.

The Church Coalition will provide professionals that will assist churches in getting their financial records in order to become a qualified church. (extra fee does apply) Here are the general requirements:

    • Minimal loan is $50k up to $24,000,000
    • 3 years of polished financial statements (CPA not required on most loans)
    • History of on time mortgage or rent payments
    • Church has been established at least 3 years
    • LTV is less than 80% (if your church is worth $1,000,000 max loan is $800,000)
    • Loan amount is less than 4 times church gross revenues (revenues $200,000
      @ 6% = max loan $800,000)
    • Good member growth

We have innovative strategies to get the “hard to do” deals done even if you don’t meet the general requirements.

CLICK HERE for a Free Consultation, or call us at 336-272-7373.

Note: The Church Coalition will pay a tithe to your church on fees that are generated in closing a loan.

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