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Business Unsecured Credit Lines buy land, equipment, renovation & more.

The Church Coalition is here to remind you that businesses of any size can be helped to obtain loans for anything!

No collateral – No Financial Statements.

All we need is someone walking in Proverbs 22:1 or one who has a strong credit profile. (Credit is part of this, but not all.). We can help you obtain $25k plus FAST. (Loans go as high as $150k.)

Here are just a few ways you can use this loan:

  1. Hire staff member to grow business
  2. Marketing for business (website, Fan pages, training, consultation etc.)
  3. Create an emergency or opportunity fund
  4. Purchase Inventory
  5. Purchase land-WOW! (Most banks won’t touch this one)
  6. Down payment or cash balance to obtain a  mortgage loan (we provide)
  7. Pay off payroll taxes (IRS or State)
  8. Purchase Computer & sales systems
  9. Hiring Consultants
  10. Payoff higher rate debts
  11. Vehicle purchase
  12. Upfront fees to host or attend conference
  13. Creation of products (music DVD & books)

The money from your business unsecured credit line can be used for any purpose!

Call The Church Coalition at 336.272 7373 or CLICK HERE for a free consultation

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