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The Church Coalition is committed to providing Bible-based financial solutions for God’s people.  In addition to our many services, such as tax planning & prep, loan programs and church consultation, we are pleased to offer online training, e-books and additional products. Please learn more about our offerings and select the products of greatest benefit to you.

Featured Products

Cash Flow U is our online Word-based learning system that teaches churches, pastors, believers & church members, and business owners the fundamentals in achieving financial increase. We offer Cash Flow U, Cash Flow U – Plus and Cash Flow U For Churches.  Please learn more about each program and select the option that’s right for you!

The Church Coalition’s digital library is filled with well over a dozen eBooks, all designed to teach key concepts on the path to financial increase.  Every book is Biblically-based and economically-priced. With diverse topics such as Creating Money Without A Part-Time Job, College Funding and The Power of Cash Flow, there are plenty of topics to benefit from. Click on the button below for a full selection of eBooks to purchase.

The Church Coalition has in-depth courses for the individual or church group that is serious about gaining financial increase.  The courses include written materials, workbooks and audio content, to help each student learn, remember and apply the lessons they study.  Get free shipping with the CD & Workbook format, or speed things along by downloading the subject matter. Select your preferred format below!