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IMPORTANT: The Bible is clear that in order to fulfill or reach your potential, you need counselors (Proverbs 15:22; 11:14; 20:18). Without them failure is imminent! Churches struggle and even fail because they don’t obtain godly financial counsel which provides Bible-based plans to increase cash flow, comply with IRS requirements, and/or empower their membership financially.

Need to increase your cash flow?  We have two great options:

Our Church Consulting & Strategic Planning Service and TCC’s Referral Business Model.


Our church plan services are right for you if you want to:


~ Increase the Church’s cash flow

~ Increase your ministry’s community outreach

~ Reduce financial stress

Call us at 336-272-7373 to learn more.

Who does your church have that can assist you in walking in God’s financial abundance so that you can fulfill the vision God has given your leader?

At The Church Coalition, we have a team that can help your church fulfill its vision by assisting you in creating funding sources that you need to do real ministry the right way.

Call today 336.272.7373 for your free consultation…we can help your ministry fulfill its vision!

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