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William V. Thompson of The Church Coalition has been conducting seminars, teaching classes and delivering keynote messages to churches nationwide for over 3 decades. William is a published author of over 50 books, and an experienced leader in finance, accounting and church management. He applies these skills and experiences to help churches grow and achieve financial increase.

The uniqueness of William’s seminars is that he teaches church leaders, clergy and members how to “practically apply the Word of God” to every area of their finances for Increase! William believes in the principle “Never study to teach, but study to live and teach what you live.”  He teaches the word from the actual financial strategies that he personally uses for financial increase.

Every seminar includes a worksheet for participants with a step-by-step plan (Heb. 2:2) on exactly what to do to move from where you are to where God desires you to be. “Everyone must possess a plan that provides them the possibility to live their dream life.

Here is a sampling of William’s seminars for churches:

~ Basic 2 Basics (Proverbs 27:24-27) – This seminar teaches the teachers & leaders of the church, so that they can teach members how to have more to give. The focus is on Conforming to Word – Controlling it – Cut it – Create It. The objective of the course is to establish classes at your church to empower the people.

~ Church, Clergy, & IRS (Rom. 13) – This course reveals the 99 most common violations that churches, board members & clergy commit that could adversely impact their church. Then, learn how to avoid them.

~- F.I.S.H. (Matt.17:27) – What do you do when the tithes & offerings don’t appear to be enough? We address this question by teaching churches of all sizes how to create 4 new & innovative sources of capital. Faith – Intellectual – Social – Human.

~ Church Business (Hab.2:2) – This is the crown jewel of all our church courses. You will be exposed to powerful Bible-based business concepts “secular” businesses use to grow, that churches ignore. You will learn how to manage the church’s business so that you will increase members, money & ministry outreach. Leaders live with a simplified strategic growth plan.

The Church Coalition is here to serve you and your church.  Whether its training for your leaders, or sharing Bible-based financial fundamentals with church members, we welcome the opportunity to share our insights and experiences.

Please contact The Church Coalition at 336-272-7373,, or by online form, to discuss your specific goals and the type of program we can collaborate on, that will make a difference in the lives and witness of your church and its members.

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