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Joy & I joined Evangel in July of 1984 where our lives immediately began to change. His first message, from Proverbs 31:10-31, provided me the first of many principles that would forever change my life. He said, “Learn to live within the husband’s salary” (not implying that a wife should not work, but that her income should not be required to make the family budget work). HEARING THIS WAS LIFE CHANGING!

The activation, however, of my Calling/Assignment to help churches, pastors & believers didn’t happen until May of 1988. When Bishop Lockett returned from a church conference in Texas, he presented me with this huge book called “Legal & Accounting Issues for Churches”. He then said to me, “Help churches & pastors get their houses in order, start with Evangel…”. And that’s what I have done since January 1990.

Teaching the Body of Christ how to “practically apply the Word to every area of their finances” came by studying Bishop’s life & applying what he taught. He would often say, “If it’s not practical, it’s not spiritual” and “The Word of God must become the final rule and authority that governs your life”. It governed his life!

It is so true that “Every time God wants to bless you or to change your destiny, he gives you a person”. Bishop Lockett was that person.

So, from July 1984 to Oct 12, 2012 God gave me Pastor Otis Lockett Sr., and for that I am a better person. Though Pastor Lockett is gone to be with the Lord, what he activated within me lives on so that I impact others as I have been impacted.

Jesus, thank you so very much for the Man.

  • William V. Thompson