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So…  you are ready to start a new church to expand the Kingdom of God.

Great! Let The Church Coalition help you start it right. So many churches either fail in the first few years or never reach over 50 active members, because they never take the time to create a Bible-based Strategic Plan. The Church Coalition can help you start your church, every step of the way.

We have assisted over 100 churches to start ministries from the ground up. Many have been from The Church Coalition’s founder William V. Thompson‘s own local church. So we have a lot of first-hand experience and know from the inside out, how to do it right.

We’ve learned that “If is isn’t practical, it isn’t spiritual.” The foundation is prayer & fasting, but a step-by-step plan must also be followed, just as Jesus did. (See Matthew 26:56)

Church start-up services from The Church Coalition include two important steps:

1. We conduct an initial planning meeting with your team, to hear your thoughts & ask you the tough questions.
2. We take proven strategies from years of church starts, combined with your ideas, to customize your step-by-step plan.

Here are some examples of the elements your customized plan may include:

A. Training the team (continual)
B. Criteria for the right location
C. Simplifying vision & mission for practical application
D. Creation of Bible-based Bylaws, obtain tax ID #, incorporate & get proper insurance
E. Determine if 501C-3 status is needed now
F. Establish cash flow plan & accounting system
G. Creating a marketing plan
H. Review technology needs
I. Create Disciples processes
J. Create the simplified church plan to increase members, money & ministry outreach

At The Church Coalition, we are called to use our spiritual gifts in the areas of finance and organizational structure to expand the Kingdom of God.  We would welcome the opportunity to assist you in your church start up.

Please contact us to arrange an engaging, free, no-obligation conversation so that we may learn more about your specific vision, and discuss ways we may be of service to you. Call 336-272-7373, email, or fill out our online contact form.

Please fill out our online contact form and arrange a free consultation.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss the many ways TCC can help with your new church start-up.

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