The Church Coalition, Inc.

411 Parkway Avenue, Suite G, Greensboro, NC 27401
Office Hours: Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

The Church Coalition welcomes the opportunity to provide our extensive Bible-based financial services to businesses, their owners and managers.

With over 3 decades experience in a full range of financial services, including business consultation, taxes, planning & preparation (federal & state), accounting, financial planning and more, TCC experts are called to assist businesses in achieving abundance that can be utilized to advance God’s presence on earth.

In addition to our customized services for businesses, The Church Coalition is pleased to offer our innovative online financial resource, Cash Flow U. Cash Flow U provides our students with access to a full range of courses that can play a substantial role in helping organizations and individuals with all aspects of financial increase. Our curriculum includes dedicated courses for businesses, entrepreneurs and investors. Classes are accessible whenever, and as often as our students require, for a very modest monthly fee. New courses are being added all the time, so our students never need to “graduate.”

We’ve helped dozens of organizations accomplish their financial objectives and achieve monetary abundance. How may we serve you and your organization?

Please arrange a free, no-obligation consultation with TCC, by calling 336-272-7373, emailing, or by filling out our online form. A TCC professional will follow up promptly to begin our dialogue.

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