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For over 30 years, William V. Thompson of The Church Coalition has been conducting seminars nationwide. The uniqueness of William’s seminars is that he teaches people at every level how to “practically apply the Word of God” to every area of their finances for Increase! William believes in the principle “Never study to teach, but study to live and teach what you live.”  He teaches the word from the actual financial strategies that he personally uses for financial increase.

Every seminar includes a worksheet for participants with a step-by-step plan (Heb. 2:2) on exactly what to do to move from where you are to where God desires you to be. “Everyone must possess a plan that provides them the possibility to live their dream life.”

Here is a selection of some of the seminars William conducts for believers and church members:

~ 10 Laws of Financial Transformation (2 Kings 4:1-7) – A focus on the 10 laws the widow activated to move from verse 1 (debt & despair) to verse 7 (debt freedom with a steady flow of income).

~ Taking Out The Trash (2 Cor. 10:3-6) – Poverty is a disease of the mind! The focus is teaching Believers how to Review – Remove (the trash) – Replace (with God’s Word) – Realign (their actions to the Word).  This is the process that creates transformation.

~ Solving Financial Problems (2 Kings 7:1-11) – Every problem has a Bible-based solution. Learn 5 steps to solve any financial challenge you’re facing. When you learn to resolve your problems, you solve the challenge of financial well-being. When you learn to solve the problems of others, you create wealth!

~ Creating Money Without a Part-Time Job (Proverbs 21:5) – Money is nothing but an idea. If you lack money, you lack ideas. This seminar teaches over 20 ideas to create money, based on what you already have.

Can you and your church members benefit from Bible-based teachings that can lead to financial increase?

Please contact The Church Coalition at 336-272-7373,, or by filling out our online form. Let’s discuss your specific goals and develop a memorable, meaningful program that can make a difference in the lives and witness of your church and its members.

The Church Coalition welcomes the opportunity to customize a seminar or speaking event to meet the specific needs of your church and congregation. Please contact us to schedule a conversation today!

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