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TCC is here to help you secure the funding your business needs.

Funding Sources for Businesses

Business owners need cash to grow we have various sources that can help. Find the one that’s right for you and call us (336.272.7373)

Option#1IRA/401k Financing– with a personal IRA or a 401k from a former job you can borrow money out of your IRA or “former companies 401k and use it for business expenses, tax free

Option #2 Unsecured Line of Credit, no Doc, No collateral just good credit $50k fast funding

Option #3Traditional Line of credit- for businesses with revenue of $520k or more with average credit

Option #4Equipment Leases– lease for most equipment even credit-challenged borrowers.

Providing Business Funding Solutions!  336.272.7373

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Please take a moment to contact TCC to discuss your company’s specific financial needs. We love working with faith-minded business owners to help them achieve their goals.

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